Update: Troy’s Return Trip to Miami

I (Troy) am back in South FL for the first time since moving to SoCal in May & have so enjoyed the rich fellowship time w my family & local teams of friends. I am blown away by what I am seeing as people love/serve each other & are spreading the gospel (more on this below).

The main reason SoCal teammate Rick Preato & I flew out here for the week was to serve/support our dear friends/teammates the Steve “Scuba” Carswell family & Agustin “Oggie” Martin who are leading English + Spanish 4Fields Intensive trainings at the U of Miami BCM facility. Latino leaders from across Latin America & US cities are gathering together around the Word & Jesus’ Great Commission vision of making disciples, starting churches & mobilizing missionaries until there is #NoPlaceLeft. Can you believe it? Will you pray for them? At the same time, English-speaking leaders from Miami are gathering around the Word together & being served by trainers from SouthFL, NorthFL, SoCal & NC. God is igniting a work in Miami that we’ve prayed for over 5 years to see. (I love how He sends us to the West Coast before it comes into view.) The training started today and goes through Saturday night.

But what really blew me away was seeing the 3 Circles gospel sticker on a random truck of someone we’ve never met in South FL. AMAZING!! The gospel is spreading thru His reproducing Church.

It’s not perfect or easy, but Jesus is calling more believers to obedience & love for Him & others. More are hearing the gospel. More are turning to Christ, being baptized, walking in obedience & gathering for community on mission. More sacrifices & perseverance thru suffering is taking place with Christ & His mission in mind. More teams are being mobilized to unreached places locally & globally. It’s messy, but we are seeing Jesus’ plan for Kingdom expansion taking place in South Florida by the work of the Holy Spirit through His people. Praise His Name! Praying for more until there is #NoPlaceLeft

Thank you Jesus for the dear family of friends we get to encounter in various seasons of life & ministry. Whether we are local or apart, we love them, cherish them & marvel at what God accomplishes in/thru them. To Him be the glory!

#ReachFL #FamilyofFriends #ChurchOnMission

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