Coopers moving to Long Beach, CA! On sabbatical until Sept 4!

Ezra - moving

We’ve loaded up, said goodbyes, handed over the keys and are on the road to Long Beach, CA! We’ll arrive in Long Beach Sunday & are staying with church friends until we move into our rental home June 1.  Huge thanks to Covenant Fellowship elder Mike Bouse & NPL SoFL teammate Steve “Scuba” Carswell for driving the moving truck out for us!

Thank you for the prayers & support (and helping hands). We go west with full hearts excited for the new harvest fields & eager to dive into the community there. We start our saDADical (Jesus + family-focused sabbatical) thru Sept 4 to focus time on family & rest so will have limited communication until then (Amy Snyder is the point of contact). We got new local 562 phone numbers so our old numbers are 🚫. Will continue to post family updates on Facebook, Twitter,

We love you and are so excited for this adventure of following Jesus wherever He leads us on His mission!

#sabbatical #moving #FamilyOnMission

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