Our Family On Mission Needs Your Support

Cooper Family JUMP

Praise Jesus! We are so encouraged by the response from current & new partners as we are working hard to raise the financial support needed to transition our family on mission to Southern California in June.

Progress for Coopers On A Mission Support Need:
-Monthly Need: $1,505 of $6,000 raised!
-Year-End Gifts: $3,917 of $35,000 raised!

There is much to rejoice in but we also have a ways to go.  Here is how you can help:
1. PRAY for us and this need.
2. JOIN our support team at CoopersOnAMission.com/support
3. INCREASE your current support commitment.
4. SHARE the vision & need with others
(Feel free to pass along the link to our  video: https://youtu.be/njD5uY6eX0M)

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