Q&A: Cooper Moving to Southern California

Q&A: Coopers Moving to Southern California

We announced in a previous post that we are continuing our full-time missionary role and moving to Southern California in June 2018.  Below is a list of common questions and answers.

What is our vision?  To establish teams of local leaders who take ownership of the core missionary task — to make disciples, start churches & mobilize missionary teams to areas of greatest need until every tribe & tongue hears the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How will we accomplish this vision?
-LOVING the local community by praying, sharing the gospel and investing our lives into people
-TRAINING believers to make disciples, start churches and mobilize missionary teams to areas of greatest gospel need.
-MENTORING leaders so their teams thrive as they multiply
Note: We use The 4Fields strategy.  Click Here to learn more about our training and tools.

Where are we moving to?: Long Beach, CA — a community just south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego.  From this central location we can drive to much of greater Los Angeles and San Diego within 2 hours (depending on traffic).  We also have access to several major airports.  Additionally, there is a solid team at Bridges Church who are committed to the #NoPlaceLeft vision.  We see Long Beach as a strategic location for our family & team to be strengthened and encouraged in the work God has called us to.

When are we moving?: June 2018, after the school year ends.  We will use the Summer to move and transition our family into life out there.  We will dive back into training and coaching once the kids are settled back in school (Mid-August).

Why are we going?
Calling: God’s clear call from extensive times of fasting and prayer.
Counsel from mentors, peers and leaders we respect
Need: 19 million lost people in Southern California.  The biggest gaps in #NoPlaceLeft North American cities are out West from Colorado to California.
Opportunity: The nations are in Southern California.  We are praying for God to ignite gospel movements there from which we can mobilize church planting and missionary teams to the gaps across North America and the 3,179 unengaged people groups around the world.

What we’ll be doing: We believe the labor force for reaching Southern California, the Western United States and the nations is already there.  Thus, we posture ourselves to learn from and serve the existing teams and churches who are faithfully laboring on God’s mission.  We will spend the majority of our time laboring with the Preatos to start new teams and strengthen existing ones (we have 5 now and are praying for 500).  We also have a vision to establish a strategic global hub of training residencies across Southern California for church planters and missionary teams.  With 21 million people within a 2-hour driving radius, this means Troy will not be spending as much time traveling on an airplane away from home.  Troy really believes God’s calling on his life is to serve and support the emerging generation of leaders whom God is raising up to complete the Great Commission task.

Who are we serving with?
-Core Teammates: Rick & Jenny Preato
-Team Leader: Jeff Sundell (Chief Strategy Officer, e3 Partners)
-Missionary Organization: e3 Partners
-Coalitions: #NoPlaceLeft, 24:14, GACX
-Sending Churches: #NoPlaceLeft Florida Team, Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church
-Local Partnering Church: Bridges Church / Pastor Jeff.Timblin@e3partners.org
-The #NoPlaceLeft network of leaders, churches and organizations in California & Western part of North America.
Note: We are postured to serve multiple churches and networks across Southern California but will be based out of Bridges Church in Long Beach, CA

What about South Florida? After almost 4 years of making disciples, starting churches and training leaders in South Florida, we have seen God move in a mighty way and believe our task is complete as teams of local leaders have been established across the state who have the character, calling and competency to accomplish the vision.  They are a solid team of local servant leaders who are taking personal ownership of the core missionary task to make disciples, start churches, mobilize teams and train others to do the same.  After much prayer and fasting together, we believe it is the right time for our family to be sent out by the Florida team.  We will continue in a coaching role with the Florida team leadership.  Check out noplaceleftflorida.com

How do Rachel & the kids feel about this?  They are so so excited!  While it will be very difficult for us to leave our family, teammates and friends, God has made us for this work.  We are a family of missionaries who pray, labor and serve together.  Their love for Jesus leads them to go where He is calling us.  Mayah, Malachi & Isaiah all said, “The local team has been raised up.  Tom, Scuba and Kevin are leading. Family Church is leading. There are 19 million lost people out there.  How could we not go?”  Rachel is excited we will be living among a higher concentration of Japanese people.  We are all excited that Rachel’s brother Stephen lives out there (Ventura) with his growing family.  We are also excited that the Lord has provided new friendships and support with the emerging teams.  We love to practice the “one anothers” together.

Any changes in financial support for the Coopers?
-Financial Need: We need an additional $6000 in monthly support & $35,000 in year-end gifts to cover the current monthly support gap ($1500), increased cost of living (+56%) and increased administrative costs (+11%).

How to give: There are currently no changes in how you give.  Keep it coming.  If you would like to join our support team or increase your current amount, you can find simple giving instructions at Coopersonamission.com/support

Does this change your role and organization?
Role & Responsibilities: Troy will continue in his role of starting and strengthening catalytic disciple-making and church planting teams.  He will shift his pioneering efforts to the Western part of North America (from the Rockies to the Pacific).  He will continue to serve and coach teams across North America, Europe and Australia.  We will work hard to mobilize missionary teams from North America to the 3,179 remaining unengaged people groups of the world.

Organization: Troy will continue to serve with e3 Partners with expanded roles as the Regional Director for North America and a member of the Global Training Team serving under Jeff Sundell.  We are active participants in the #NoPlaceLeft and 24:14 Coalitions of movements.

Are we selling our home?  Yes.  Due to housing costs in CA, we’ll be renting but believe it’s the right time in FL to sell so if you know anyone interested in a newly updated 4BR, 2BA home with great schools near charming downtown Stuart, let us know.  Our plan is to list it in March.

Prayer Needs:
-That we will grow in love for Jesus and and our desire to serve and obey Him at all costs each day.  We want to know Him more. We want to love Him more.  We want to serve Him more.  We want more of Him and less of us.
-Lostness: 19 million lost in Southern California; 3,179 remaining Unengaged People Groups
The amazing Florida team as they take local ownership of the core missionary task.  We believe God will use them to accomplish greater things than we could dream of.
-Transition for our kids to new friends, school, church, etc
-Teammates Rick & Jenny Preato: strong start to their marriage (12.9.17), support raising, solid finish to the work in Gainesville, FL
-Financial Provision: $6,000 additional monthly support, $35,000 special gifts (we are praying to raise this by end of December) CoopersOnAMission.com/support
-Selling our home and finding a home to rent
-That God would prepare laborers in Southern California and Western USA for us to serve & learn from.




4 thoughts on “Q&A: Cooper Moving to Southern California

  1. Hi Troy,

    Exciting news! I’m pumped about this. There is massive opportunity here in southern CA. I’m in San Diego — the nations are here! We didn’t meet at the conference, though I took the Cedar Ridge group to India in June, so I heard lots about you through them. I’m also taking some of Bryan Eckert’s college students in January. I know you’ll be out here to do training in late January. You’ll be right up the street from where I live. I don’t think I’ll be able to be at the training, though I’ll at least stop by. My pastor is catching a vision for No Place Left, so I’m hoping he’ll attend at least part of the training. I’d love for him to meet you.

    I’m also glad to hear about the connection with Bridges church. Awesome! Awesome!

    I look forward to meeting you in January. I’ll be praying for your support and the transition for your family.

    Many blessings, Stephanie

    On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 12:11 PM, Coopers On A Mission wrote:

    > CoopersOnAMission posted: “Q&A: Coopers Moving to Southern California We > announced in a previous post that we are continuing our full-time > missionary role and moving to Southern California in June 2018. Below is a > list of common questions and answers. What is our vision? To ” >

  2. Excited for your family! Btw, we have some work in El Segundo, LA area and some former co-workers down towards Irvine area. If I get back out there I’ll be sure to look you all up. May the Lord bless you abundantly for every need! Shoby

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