Sharper Conference: For Lead Pastors + Church Staffs Seeking to Multiply Disciples + Churches


There are a number of churches across North America who are laboring to multiply disciples, groups and churches locally while also mobilizing their own catalytic missionaries globally.  Among the churches who are seeing disciples+churches multiplying locally is Family Church (formerly First Baptist of West Palm Beach) — led by Pastor Jimmy Scroggins.  As Family Church leadership labored and led the transition from an addition to multiplication strategy, they learned a lot from both success and failure.  One of the key lessons they learned is the importance of having the entire staff on board.  That is why they are going to great lengths to host The Sharper Conference: A one-day conference for lead pastors & church staffs who are looking to multiply disciples and churches.

The Conference features main sessions that include teaching from lead pastor Jimmy Scroggins and worship led by the Family Church Worship team.

In addition, there will be workshops on topics including:

If you are in leadership at a church who is interested in implementing a multiplication strategy, we highly, highly recommend you make plans to attend this (free) conference with your staff/leadership. While the Sharper Conference is FREE, registration is required.

For details, schedule, information and registration, check out



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