We Updated Our “Excellent Resources” Page


Why do I call it  our”Excellent Resources” page? (Seems kinda prideful, don’t it?)
1. The majority of the resources posted on our page were created by someone else much smarter than us so the majority are “excellent” with only a few “not-so-excellent” (by yours truly).  Remember, “freely you have received, freely give”!
2. I needed something to start with “E” so I could place the page higher on the blog (Yeah, I (Troy) am a moron and I am certain I will receive help from some of you–thank you in advance).

The GOOD NEWS of my (Troy) week of tormenting high fever (104F) is that I do not sit still well so we have updated our “Excellent Resources” page including new videos, materials, blogs, lists of practicing churches/organizations and cleaner layout.  Check out the “Quick Links” section at the top where you’ll find the most used resources.  Here is a sample from it:

Quick Links:
-VIDEO: #NoPlaceLeft Vision
-VIDEO: 3 Circles + 2 Cor 5:17-21 Follow Up
-VIDEO: 4 Responses to the Gospel [handout]
The Commands of Christ Discipleship Tool [Spanish Edition]
L1/2 Training Card by Carter Cox
Book: Church Planting By the Book by E. Elbert Smith (Kindle)
-VIDEO: The 4 Fields Explained by Nathan Shank

Question: Is there a resource you have found extremely helpful for you and your team as you’re pursuing #NoPlaceLeft vision?  Please share it with us at CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com

Remember that we are all ordinary people serving an extraordinary God on His unchanging mission!



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