When are The Coopers Moving to South Florida?


“When are you moving to South Florida?” Great question.  The answer is simple: once God allows it.  How will we know that?  Once we sell (and close on) our home in Noblesville, IN we will load up the moving truck and head down to Stuart, FL.  We are blessed to be training churches, organizations, groups and individuals in Indianapolis while we wait on the Lord to sell our home (we are striving to be faithful and fruitful).  We are also using this time in Indy to raise  prayer and financial support for our ministry (currently at 40%).  We love our life, family, friends and ministry here in Indianapolis but are restless (think lion pacing in a cage) to join believers in South Florida who are on mission to reach the 96% unchurched with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

We have a phenomenal realtor and have had a number of showings on our home.  We believe the only reason it has not yet sold is that the Lord has us in Indy at this time to equip believers.  God is opening many doors for Troy to train believers and ministry leaders in T4T disciple-making process including neighborhoods, Christian schools, corporations and churches in Central & Northern Indiana.  We are praising God for these opportunities and praying for the fruit of multiplying disciples through them.  At the same time, we are restless and eager to join our brothers and sisters on mission among the 96% unchurched of South Florida.  Like John Knox in Scotland, Steve & Amie Parlato in Laos and Fred & Melissa Campbell in Austin, we are praying every day “Give us South Florida lest we die!”  We appreciate those who are supporting us through prayer and finances.  We are especially grateful for those who are sharing with others about our ministry and inviting them to pray.  We are beggars for prayer!

If you would like Troy to come speak, train and/or share the vision of Coopers On A Mission, please contact us at CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com.  If you would like to receive one or more of our prayer support cards (with Family Photo), please let us know.

“When are you moving to South Florida?”  Once the Lord releases us from the labor in Indy.  He will make that clear once our home sells (closes) and our prayer/financial support is raised.  Thank you for praying along with us.

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