Update: Coopers On A Mission to 96% Unchurched of South Florida

Tessa (4), Mayah (10), Lucy (3), Rachel, Troy, Malachi (8), Isaiah (6)
photo by Katie Walser

Dearest Ministry Support Family:

Greetings from Indianapolis, IN!  We have experienced a busy and fruitful season of ministry since returning from Japan in June.  In addition to raising support for South Florida, we have been blessed with many opportunities to speak, teach and train among individuals, groups and organizations including students, retirees, businessmen, missionaries, schools, churches and networks of churches.  Just this past week, I (Troy) led disciple-making training for 600+ MS/HS students for 4 mornings at the Heritage Christian School spiritual emphasis week, a group at Eli Lilly Corporate Office, an online group of teachers & retirees from FL, MI & IN, a group of youth leaders in Iowa and some missionaries headed to St Kitts Island to name a few.  I currently have 8 weekly commitments to lead/train groups in disciple-making process with a few others waiting to begin.  People are hungry to be equipped!!
We are thankful for these training opportunities and will continue to pour ourselves out into ministry for God’s glory.  That said, we are continuing to grow restless (remember, think lion pacing in its cage) as we long to focus our ministry efforts on reaching the 96% unchurched of South Florida to help accomplish the 50-5-50 Vision.  We are eager to reach out to the desperately lost community and train the hungry believers who are waiting for us.

Why aren’t we going yet?
1. Our home needs to sell
2. Prayer & financial support needs to be raised

What is our current status?
-Prayer Support is at 45% (96 prayer partners committed to pray daily/weekly)
-Financial Support is at 40% of monthly need

How can you help?
1. Pray 
Would you please pray each day that the Lord would sell our home and provide the prayer & financial support we need.  In addition to individual prayer/financial support we are praying for 5 churches to commit to prayer and financial support.

2. Provide
If you have not done so already, would you prayerfully consider partnering with our ministry through prayer and/ or financial support?  Click Here to learn more.

3. Promote 
If you are excited about our ministry and the vision to reach 96% unchurched region of South Florida would you tell others?  Practical ways to do this:
-Pray for us with others and invite them to pray along with you
-Facebook: Like/Share our ministry updates
-Pass on our ministry prayer card (we will send you as many as you need)
-Host a prayer gathering for our ministry
-Host a game/dessert gathering where we can share our ministry vision (this has been fruitful thus far)
-Have us come speak at your home, church, business, school
We know the Lord is calling us to continue our ministry among the 96% unchurched of South Florida.  We are extremely encouraged by and thankful for you and our loving, faithful & generous ministry support team.  We are trusting the Lord to sell our home and provide our needs…and we are READY to go once that happens!!
In the Grip of His Grace,
Troy + Rachel Cooper
Mayah, Malachi, Isaiah, Tessa, Lucy

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