Details of Our Exciting New Missionary Role in South Florida

The Cooper family are serving as missionaries among 96% unchurched in South Florida. Currently selling home and raising support.

“In the South Florida area 96% of the population is lost or unchurched.”
This report by the North American Mission Board is alarming and took us by surprise (there are parts of China with higher percentage of Christians than this).  Sadly, these statistics are not uncommon in numerous parts of America.  As we rejoiced in seeing lives transformed by the gospel in Indianapolis and among the unreached of Japan through personal disciple-making, our burden grew for the least churched regions in the USA.  All over the world unreached communities are being transformed by Jesus’ gospel movement of disciples making disciples who form churches that multiply churches.  And while the church continues to decline in the USA, it is encouraging to know that 43-61% of non-Christians who won’t attend church will study the Bible with a friend (Ed Stetzer).  This presents an exciting opportunity for Christians to reach non-Christians with evangelistic Bible studies.  We have experience, vision and passion to reach the unchurched with the gospel, invite them to study the Bible and equip those who believe to reach their friends and family with the same process (multiplying disciples).  In addition, we want to continue equipping believers and churches in this simple disciple-making process while also mobilizing short and long-term disciple-making missionaries among the unreached.

As we prayed through our burden for the unchurched regions in America, Troy was recruited by missionary and expert trainer Jeff Sundell (US Strategy Director, E3 Partners / I Am Second) to serve as a full time missionary on his US-based team.  Jeff has served as a pioneer missionary (International Mission Board) in Southeast Asia and witnessed tens of thousands of new disciples and thousands of new churches form among the unreached through disciple-making and church multiplication.  He is currently training churches and organizations in the USA and around the world in disciple-making and church multiplication process.  At the same time, Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church in Stuart, FL invited us to base our ministry in their community and offered to shepherd our family, handle our tax-deductible donations & provide benefits while serving with Jeff.

After months of seeking the Lord for our next steps in ministry following Japan, we are very excited to share that Troy has accepted a full time missionary role on Jeff Sundell’s team and will be serving to reach the 96% unchurched region of South Florida with the gospel.  We will be based in Stuart, FL through Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church.  Onward Church (Fishers, IN) will serve as our home sending church.

Our vision is to see communities transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in the 96% unchurched region of South Florida as we:
< REACH non-Christians in the community by making + multiplying disciples of Jesus
< EQUIP believers & churches in disciple making + multiplying process
< MOBILIZE short & long-term missionaries among the unreached

Support Needs:
Prayer: Our prayer need is unlimited.  We are seeking 96 individuals, families, small groups and/or churches to serve on our prayer team.  Will you consider committing to pray for our family and the ministry in South Florida daily or weekly?

Finances: Our financial need is $6500/month which covers living and ministry expenses.  We are in need of monthly supporters but are also happy to receive one-time gifts.  If you would like to support our ministry through finances, you can submit one-time and monthly donations by:

Mailing Checks (payable to “Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church”) to:
Attn: Missions – Coopers
Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church
2880 SE Aster Ln  Stuart, FL 34994
*note: please do not write in check memo

Online Giving options:
-Send donation through your online banking “bill pay” option to address above
-Covenant Fellowship Online Donation (select “Missionary-Coopers”)
*note: small transaction fee deducted from gift with Covenant Online giving option

If you would like to join our prayer team and/or would like to be a monthly financial supporter, please notify us at so we can keep track of ongoing support.

When will we move to Stuart?: We would love to transition down to Stuart before the school year begins (August 12) so our children do not have to attend a 3rd then 4th school in 2 years.  We will wait until our home sells and we have 80% of monthly support need.  Your prayers for both are greatly appreciated.

Want to hear more?: If you would like to hear more about our new ministry role, we would love to come share with any individual, family, small group or church.  Just contact us to set up a time.  In addition, Troy is available to preach, teach and train.

Thank you for your continued love, encouragement, support and prayers.  We are excited to follow the Lord on His mission among the 96% unchurched of South Florida.

in the grip of His grace,
Troy + Rachel Cooper
Mayah, Malachi, Isaiah, Tessa + Lucy

“Go, therefore, into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
-Jesus, (Matthew 28:19-20)

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