Update from Coopers in Japan | Missionary Leadership Summit

Dearest Ministry Support Family:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  It is amazing to see the Lord working among the unreached of Hokkaido, Japan!  Thank you for your faithful ministry support.  We appreciate you praying along with Rachel & I as we serve here in Northern Japan while seeking the Lord’s leading for our next chapter of ministry.  Thus far, the focused prayer time has been rich and we are both clinging to the Lord through this process.  The Lord has continued to bless us with wise counsel from family, friends, pastors and missionaries.  We have spoken to individuals from the missions organization pursuing us and so far it seems like a fit.  At the same time, we are exploring other missions organizations to compare with and really praying about the path of going with a missions organization in general.  We do not yet have clarity so are continuing to pray and seek the Lord throughout this ongoing process.  What we do know is that the Lord is calling us to make disciples while also equipping individuals and churches for disciple-making and mobilization to local and global missions.

In our previous update, I mentioned that we were invited to attend a regional Asia Missionary Leadership Summit taking place in Taichung, Taiwan February 13-16.  Our pastors and ministry coach believe it would be good for us to attend this summit to experience time with the missions organization, receive valuable leadership training and get some much needed “couple time” away together (Amy Long would be staying with the kids in Japan).  After our previous email, we received some generous donations towards the Taiwan Summit but are still in need of $800 to cover our expenses.  If you are interested in helping send us to the Taiwan Leadership Summit, please contact us at CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com  and you will be given simple instructions for making a tax-deductible donation.  Above all, please continue to lift us up in prayer.  Ask the Lord to give us clarity, open/close doors and continue to seek His will (not ours).

We love you, praise God for you and appreciate your ongoing love, prayers, encouragement and support as we serve the Lord on the mission field of Japan.

in the grip of His grace,
Troy + Rachel

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